Michell Léon & Jacquiline Ø.
Michell Léon & Jacquiline Ø.

Motivational Notebooks is the artistic collaboration between graphical poet Jacquiline Ø. and writer Michell Léon.

Like most creatives they are heavy users of notebooks and love the motivational value of a high quality notebook.

The only problem is that if the notebook is too nice, you don’t use it as a notebook. You become afraid of writing the silly stuff and doing the ugly doodles, because you don’t want to pollute the paper with wasted thoughts, emotions and ideas. You begin being critical about your notes before you take them, and as a consequence your creative process suffers.

They asked themselves, how they could create a nice notebook that actually motivates you to take notes, while also being affordable enough to use a lot of them.

The result is a range of pocket-size notebooks in the same quality as any paperback out there, filled with motivational quotes and nudging illustrations between the blank pages.

In true artistic style everything is hand made (except the book itself). Including the quotes that draw upon more than 25 years of professional creative experience.

Bring your motivational notebook wherever you go, and never be afraid to take a note again. Notes are the bedrock of any creative process, and the more you take, the better you get.

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